Avadim Technologies, Inc. – A Life Sciences Company

Avadim Technologies Inc is a life sciences company developing a new class of biologic solutions based on Pathogenesis Based Therapies (“PBTs”), all of which work to optimize the stratum corneum, also impacting integumentary functions and the associated reactive tissue.  Our platform of therapies works to protect and support natural key physiological functions of the skin and integumentary system, to super normalize it, supporting treatments within our three series of therapies for infection prevention, neuromuscular disorders and skin barrier repair.  Our platform and technologies use a targeted topical delivery system, are non-toxic and biocompatible, and are effective without the side effects of other remedy approaches.  Initial acceptance in the U.S. clinical market of our first PBTs, focused on a novel preventative approach, have shown both cost avoidance and superior effectiveness in addressing specific emerging needs in healthcare. Avadim’s advanced therapeutic class of Pathogenesis Based Therapies has the potential of unlocking new and effective pathways to address emerging gaps in global health.

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