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    What if there was a better way to approach healthcare? A way to treat conditions effectively, while preserving the natural functions of the body rather than degrading them? In 2007, Avadim began challenging the healthcare status quo, discovering new ways to improve health and enhance quality of life.


How We Do It

Avadim is developing revolutionary topical therapies that work effectively while preserving the health of the skin, allowing the skin to do its job of protecting underlying tissues and organs. Our therapies are already making a difference in a wide range of areas—from hospital-acquired conditions to muscle cramps and more—and they have the potential to address a multitude of conditions in the future.

The Technology

We develop our products using a proprietary, microbiome-compliant technology platform. This platform is based on the relationship between the health of the topical microbiome (microorganisms on the skin, many of which we need to stay healthy), the stratum corneum (outer layer of the skin), and the associated underlying tissues.

Commitment to Service

Whether we’re developing products aimed to improve health and enhance quality of life or helping communities through local and global philanthropy efforts, our mission is to serve. It’s in our name—Avadim meaning “servant”—and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Commitment to Safety

At Avadim, we are committed to ensuring the quality and safety of our products, as well as delivering the best possible health and wellness outcomes.  Our products are non-toxic, safe for daily use, and produced in an FDA regulatory and compliant drug and medical device certified manufacturing facility in the United States.

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